Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watching Josh play soccer and sunflower seeds......

We traveled to Georgia this weekend to watch Joshua play soccer. His team won all 4 of their games. Sophie is doing better getting used to all of us and realizing that we are all a family. She still speaks pleanty of Chinese and no more added English words. She seems to understand us more when we are asking her questions. She is still very leary of strangers and not sure to what to think about all the attention that she gets. She is laughing a lot more but she can still throw a major fit when things are not going the way she wants them to go. She is very loud. But I guess you have to be loud when you lived with 100 other children. She discovered sunflower seeds. She ate them one by one as we shelled them for her. On the way home we stopped and bought some that were already shelled and put them in a cup for her and she was so happy!!!! She is a funny girl!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bananas and Apples

Last night Sophie was standing on the couch singing Happy Birthday in English. I was shocked! I guess they did teach her some English because she will also say the chinese word for Banana and then in English and then right after that she says the chinese name for apple and then the English. She seems to understand some English. When she ask me to open something or get her water. I always ask her in English if that is what she wants me to do and she will shake her head yes. I feel like that one day she will just wake up and start speaking sentences in English.

We are going to try and go to preschool and get our school picture made today. Not expecting it to happen but giong to give it a try nonetheless!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Football and Bubbles

Sophie had a much better time last night watching her brother play football. She is still leary of other adults but she is doing so much better trusting me to take her into different situations. We actually made it up the hill last night to watch the game without her crying.

The girl that did not want to take a bath in China loves to take a bath. Some days we take 2 baths!!! She loves to play in the bathtub and likes for the water to continually drip. She is beginning to warm up to me more and saying MaMa is such a sweet, different tone of voice. She wanted her BaBa (Daddy) today and that was a welcome relief. Ricky has been sick with a horrible sinus infection and cough. He hasn't felt much like bonding or anything else. She wanted to hold his hand today and sit by him when we met for lunch.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Greater Appreciation

I am trying to think of a name for this post put nothing is coming to mind. I still get very tired by the end of the day but if you compare this day to a week ago, we are doing great!!!! Last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I thought that I might be seriously, mentally ill!!!! Jet lag and lack of sleep is horrible. It makes me think of our military men and women and the conditions that they are put in to protect our country. I don't see how they do it without adequate and comfortable sleep. I have a greater appreciation for everything these country, my home, my bed, healthy children that have a family to love them, my freedom to worship Jesus and my sweet caring friends just to name a few. Okay I just thought of a name for the post. I do have a greater appreciation for everything in my life after visiting a foreign country and two orphanages.

Okay so on to Sophie. She is doing so much better. God has answered everyone's prayers and my pleas for a relationship with this precious girl. We still have a long road ahead of us but she is spending so much more of her time laughing, being silly and enjoying all the attention she gets. She is still very leary of other adults but she seems to find more comfort in MaMa when she is worried. She is saying a lot of Chinese silly stuff because when she talks she will roll her eyes or twist her head back and forth. I have been recording her on my phone so when we go eat at Top Thai I can play it for them and they can translate. The owner speaks Mandrian. Justin is still the main man and she and Joshua are working on their relationship. They are both very loud so this makes for a loud war of the wills.

She woke up at 5am this morning so I am getting very tired. Just wanted to get an update for everyone and thank you all for sharing this journey with me!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh so sweet kiss

I was helping Sophie get her shoes on tonight and she smacked me right on the lips and then on the cheek. My heart did flips!!!!



Support and love my family
Encourage me
Pray for my family
Bring my family hot meals
Greet us at the airport
Check our mail
Cut our grass
Take out our trash
Talk to me in the middle of the night
Let me cry when I am tired
Bring Sophie gifts
Give Pedicure gift certificates
Give Sky Miles
Give of their finances to help bring an orphan 8000 miles to her home
Wash my clothes
Clean my house
Make me praise music CD's
Sit with Sophie so I can sleep

I am thankful for the sweet friends and family that the Lord has blessed me with and most of all I am thankful to be a child of Almighty God that cares for and provides my every need. I hope to never take for granted His wonderful mercy!!! I pray that he pours out His blessings on all of you that have worked so hard to make this adoption a wonderful and attainable experience.


Adjusting Better

Sophie is doing much better. We have had two good days in a row. She still has a runny nose and that make her grumpy sometimes but nothing like when we first came home. She is beginning to explore around the house more and play with her toys. She sill doesn't play in her room but that will come with time I guess. She used to only want to stay and sleep in the kitchen so we are making big progress playing in the den. She has slept in my bed for two nights and that has helped greatly with me getting sleep. Justin has to lay down with her until she falls asleep and then he leaves and I slip into his place. She has slept all night. PTL!!! I am beginning to feel somewhat normal again!!!

Sophie likes to eat bananas, corn, granola bars, pringles, watermelon, boiled eggs, rice, chicken noodle soup, ramen noodles, gummie snacks, skittles. She loves to drink water and now wants a straw in her cup ( she is my daughter). She is very mischievous. She is laughing more than crying and doing better with telling Justin bye. I think she has finally realized that he will come back everyday. Still kinda standoffish with Joshua but hopefully this weekend she can spend some quality time with him. We are all starting to learn each other better but we still have a long way to go to gain her trust completely.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

One week home!!

Sophie has been home for one full week now and boy has it been a week. It is more like a continuous blurr!!! The jet lag was awful and trying to please and take care of a 3 year old who does not speak English and gets very frustrated when you don't understand what she wants, has been a challenge. We have had some very rough days. Trying to cope with lack of sleep has been a major problem for me this week. She still only wants Justin to lay down with her at night and I let him spend the night away 2 nights in a row to get some sleep and it left me sleepless. We are all home tonight and Sophie is sleeping soundly. Let's just hope she sleeps all night like she did most nights in China. We had one of our best days yet. She had a doctor's appointment this morning. Michelle and I took her to Olive Garden for lunch and she ate 3 bowls of potato soup. I ordered her spaghetti but she loved the soup. She is a very good eater. She eats too much as you can tell from her Buddha belly!!!! Then we went to the park and she had the best time and later to Justin's football practice and then to Joshua's soccer practice. So we are very tired and I am sure hoping for a full night's sleep!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Potato Chips and Granola Bars at 3am

It is 3 o'clock in the morning and the princess is sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor eating potato chips and a granola bar!! If I could just find my camera in this disaster of a house. She obviously thinks it is China time. And she won't even share her potato chip!!!! She is just like a newborn with her days and nights mixed up. It is so hard to keep her awake during the day. She is like a little frog and curls up on the floor and goes to sleep when ever she feels like it and wherever in the house it doesn't matter to her. Not sure exactly how I am going to change this behavior but I have to figure something out soon!!! I am too old to be staying up in the middle of the night!!! Good thing that she is really adorable eating potato chips!!! Hope all of you are sleeping well and just remember if you try to call and I don't answer, you will know why!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Morning

Just a quick update from the Peak household. Sohpie Nuan is not feeling well at all. Her runny nose is now turning into a cough. Her drainage is still clear though, thank goodness. She ran a low grade fever last night. We went to bed at 9:30 which is much better than midnight. We are all a little messed up with the time difference. She woke up every 30 minutes starting around 3am tossing and turning in her sleep, coughing and not being able to get settled. She is on the floor in my room because her GeGe was watching the Auburn game at a friend's house so she had not choice but to stay in here with me. Poor Justin, I think that I am going to have to send him away for a few days so she won't be so dependent on him. She is very attached to him still and we really need for her to let go of this and start depending on the rest of us to meet her needs, especially me!!!

The progress is going to be very slow but I know that it will come. God did not bring this little angel into our lives without a reason. She needs us and we need her!!!

Please know that I am so ready to show her off to everyone but she is very timid and does not like new people to get too close to her. She does great if you stay your distance from her. She will come out of this with time once she realizes that we are here to stay and that she can trust that we are not going to hand her over to the next person. She has really had a hard time with letting go of her old life. They took excellent care of her at Prince of Peace and even though having a Mommy, Daddy and Brothers is a much better life for her, POP is all the life that she has ever had. She does not understand the blessings that are about to come her way. She is 3 and scared of what might happen next. Thank you all for understanding. Just love her from a distance until she can feel comfortable with all the changes that are going on in her little life. She is so precious and it breaks my heart when I see the sadness and fear in her eyes. I said this was going to be quick didn''t I....oh well!! Love to you all!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

We are HOME!!!

Home Sweet Home!!! It feels so good to be back on American soil!!!! We are so tired today!! Hopefully we will catch up on our sleep this weekend and can start seeing people next week. Thank you to everyone who came to the airport!! It was nice to see everyone's smiling American faces!!! I am sorry that Sophie Nuan was not very happy. She really did well on the trip. No crying until we started landing in Dothan. I guess the smaller plane made her ears pop more than the bigger planes plus we were on our 28th hour of traveling!!! That could have a little bit to do with it!!!! She did not go to sleep until 1am and then woke up cyring around 4am. Needless to say I am very tired!!!! We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Please continue to pray for her adjustment and her relationship with Josh. She still only wants Justin and that is hard for Joshua to understand. I am still waiting my turn as well. I was so glad that she let me carry her into the airport. That was a first but I think she didn't realize what she was doing. Please send me any pictures that anyone took. Thanks Friends, I can't wait to see all of you!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last post from China

Hi Everyone!!! This is my last post from China, PTL!!! Sophie Nuan is running a low grade fever and has a runny nose. She has slept the day away so I am nervous about wether she will sleep tonight. That will not be fun!!!!! Please pray for her to feel better and for her not to scream on the airplane. We will fly to Shanghai with our travel friends from NC and then we will go our separate ways. We have had a really fun time with the Brannon family . They have made the days in GZ go by quickly!!! We will miss them!!! So long from China. The Princess will start her new life with all her family and friends. I am so excited for her when she realizes what a special life she will have!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Silly Sophie

This girl is a mess!!! She is so rotten and so full of herself sometimes. She is warming up to me better but still has many moments where she doesn't want me near. She is beginning to hold my hand and tell me to "Qwa la" however that is spelled!! LOL which means "come go with me" She will say Mama Qwa la and grab my hand but she just wants to make sure I am in the group not just with her alone. So this is a start. She has a temper and if very smart and know how to get her way by screaming and grunting. She will stomp one of her little foot when she is mad and doesn't want to do what you tell her to do. So we have a lot to learn when we get back home. It is going to be like breaking a wild horse!!! LOL!!! We have to work on using the potty and behaving before we go to preschool. I have my work cut out for me. But this will all be much easier to do at home when I don't have chinese people staring me down and yes they will stop and stare. some even try to help and that makes it even worse. So I am ready to get back to my turf!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

We have taken a real bath!!!!

Sophie Nuan took a real bath today and washed her hair or should I say my sweet friend Greyson "Gracie" gave Sophie Nuan a bath and washed her hair. She had a great time in the tub. We are trying to adopt Gracie too but her parents are not giving in.I am so excited my sweet girl is clean!!!!

Medical Clinic

Sophie did so good at the medical clinic. She never cried until the last station when they made her lay down and take her diaper off. According to their measurements, sheis 36 inches tall and weighs 31 pounds.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Princess Sophie gave her mama two kisses tonight, one on each cheek. I almost passed out. We were eating with our friends the Brannons and Sophie was being silly and I leaned over and made kissing sounds and said give me a kiss. She took my face in her hands and kissed one cheek and turned my head for the other cheek. This was the most precious moment of my life with her. Now before you all get too excited she was back frustrated with me before we left the restaurant and only wanted Greyson our 11- year- old friend from NC. We brought her back to the room and I ran some bath water. Me, Ricky, Justin and Greyson put Sophie in the tub. She stood up the whole time screaming but she got a bath. No hair washing just a very quick bath. I feel so much better but I want to get her hair washed so bad. Each day brings new changes with our princess. She still shuts down very quickly but having more and more fun moments. She is now sound asleep and tomorrow we celebrate one week as a family.

Guangzhou and the Red Couch

Hi everyone!! Sorry I have not posted. We have been busy visiting with our American friends and shopping here in Guangzhou. The plane ride was a horrible experience. It started off really well. Sophie Nuan fell asleep before we took off but when she woke up she was very mad. Everyone was looking at us and the stewards were trying to help calm her down and then other Chinese women were trying to talk to her and she would just get madder and madder. There is no telling what she was telling them. She was so mad that she would not come back to her seat unless I moved. So I had to move to another section to sit. Now what in the world do you think all of those Chinese people thinking. We were the only Americans on the flight with a Chinese baby. It was horrible. I now now how it feels to be a minority and humiliated. She did calm down after I found another seat but then she started screaming again when it was time to buckle up and land the plane. I was so glad to be off that plane. I am dreading the 16 hour flight on Thursday. Let's hope the Benadryl works!!!!

Here are some pictures from the red couch. As you can see none of the babies were too thrilled to be doing this. I hope to take her back when it is just us and take some better pictures. We leave for our medical appointment tomorrow at 7:45 am. This will be another horrible experience I am sure. We are all so ready to get home. We have a long way to go before Sophie Nuan trust us more completely. I am hoping that being home will help us all to be more relaxed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tianjin Airport

Hi everyone!! We made it safely to the Tianjin airport. Not sure how we made it without wrecking but we are here. As I have said before, there really are not rules to driving over here. I have grabbed my seat many time. No car seat for Sophie Nuan. Very scary! Our 12:25 flight was cancelled but we are scheduled to leave at 2pm

Sophie Nuan is going back and forth between Daddy and Brother today. Mama is allowed to watch and laugh but still no touching!!! Our departure from Angela was so hard. I believe she really is an undercover angel. She is so patient, kind, and gentle. I have enjoyed getting to know her and I miss her so much. It was very hard to tell her bye.

Some of you have asked what size she is. Her 3T dresses are fitting but her 3T shorts do not fit over her Buddha Belly. Hopefully 4T shorts will not be too big.

Thanks for all the love and prayers.

Last day in Tianjin

This was our last full day in Tianjin. Sophie Nuan has changed her mind about who can be in her it was Daddy or "BaBa" in Chinese!!!! Justin got a break from the stroller today and only Daddy could push the stroller. Mama is still at the bottom of the food chain!!!! She spent less time in the stroller and made a lot of movement around the room today being very silly most of the time. She has figured out that it doesn't take much to get us to laugh. She has shut down only a few times today. She will actually bring me things when Daddy tells her to most of the time but not always. She walked across the entire room today to bring me something. I was thrilled. She also let me show her pictures of herself on the computer. She would not let me feed her breakfast this morning but we all just ignored her until she finally picked up the food I laid down in front of her and then she let me feed her some "congee" soup with rice. We spent most of the day in the room playing. She did not want to leave the room today and did not take a nap. We ate Chinese food again tonight. It is Friday night here and the traffic is worse than ever.

Angela and I went to the Children's Hospital today so I could take pictures for Sophie. This is where she was abandoned. I don't know any specifics other than she had already had her intestinal surgery and her scars were healed at the time she was left at the hospital at 9 months old. The orphanage said that she was very weak the first year she was there. I have ran several scenarios through my mind as to what might have happened but I really have no clue. Maybe she wasn't eating very well, maybe she cried alot with gas pains, maybe the parents thought she needed more surgery and they could not afford it. I don't know but I do know they cared enough to bring her back to the hospital so she would receive the proper medical attention. I can only imagine how hard it was for her mother to leave her after caring for her for 9 months. The 4th floor wing where she was when the authorities were notified to come and get her was filled with people in the hallway. People most likely from the county side that can not afford a place to stay. The hallway smelled horrible and the people looked so tired and sad. We were not allowed to walk down where the patient's room were because it was not visiting hours. Angela assured me that the rooms were sterile and clean. I would not want to take my child here for medical attention. I was very sad that I even went inside. We are a blessed country and have so much to be thankful for.

We leave in the morning flying to Guangzhou. I can't wait to meet up with the "Super 6" formally known as the "Fab 5" we have picked up a family a long the way!!!! So long Tianjin, the birth place of my daughter.

Dum Dums and spaghetti

This girl is a mess! Just to let you know it is still NO MAMA!!! She got very silly in the room this morning. I have a bag of dum dums that I was suppose to take to the orphanage and forgot!!! I was planning on her passing them out so I guess that is why I didn't think about taking them. So I opened the bag to give her one and we ended up playing a game with her grabbing a sucker out of the bag and hiding it behind her back saying "Kay boo Kay" translated by Angela "you don't see anymore" She got so tickled and was so proud of herself. Then she took her dum dums to the coffee table and proceeded to open up 20 dum dums not letting us have any of them. She was a sticky mess but this kept her very happy for at least 30 minutes!!! We then went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Sorry I forgot to take my camera. But this girl can tear up some spaghetti. She fees her self and get every bite off of her plate. She sorta puts her mouth on the edge of the plate and then shovels it in. I was so mad at myself for not having the camera. She is beginning to let Ricky into her space more and seems to be getting more relaxed. She still has moment of shutting down and getting very quiet and still. We are just going to keep loving her through!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Visiting the past and tears

First of all I want to say thank you again for all the encouraging comments and thanks to all the new people who care enough to post. I so appreciate your words of encouragement. The Bible say to encourage one another and I am thankful to receive the blessings of encouragement especially being 8000 miles away from my comfort zone.

Today has been and emotional day and a day of moving forward. I did not take Sophie Nuan with me to the orphanage and I feel confident that it was the right decision. The director and the staff doctor agreed with me that it was the right decision. The doctor sat with me very patiently and answered all my questions. She told me that Sophie Nuan's demeanor had changed drastically over the past week. She quit going to her and others at the orphanage once they told her that her family would be coming to get her soon. She would not want to leave her room for fear of being taken away. There is no doubt in my mind that our daughter was loved dearly by her nannies and the staff at POP. I was able to hug her nannies and thank them with tears rolling down all of our faces and assured them that I would take care of her and that she had many people waiting to love her at home! I apologized for not bringing her back and they also agreed that she could not have handled it. I video her nannies talking to her so one day I will be able to show her how much they loved her. I told her that I would keep in contact and send pictures of her as much as possible. They told me she was very shy and she does not like things to change too much. They said she was like the big sister in her room, helping the other children. Their hearts are broken and so is mine. This is hard. You can never be prepared for the emotions that swell up inside of you and I cannot accurately type the words to express my emotions.

I was able to meet Mr. Yeung and is a very delightful, kind man. He made me feel like I was the most important person in the world and thanked me so much for being willing to adopt one of China's orphans!! I am the one who is honored to be a part of Sophie Nuan's life!!!! I was also able to visit with another child whose family will be coming to pick him up the end of October. The orphanage was extremely clean and all the staff were very friendly. It was hard to walk out knowing there are many Americans waiting.

When I returned back from POP, my princess was sleeping soundly in her stroller taking a nap. When she woke up we had to take her back to the Tianjin orphanage to pay our donation fee and we were required to bring her with us. I was very nervous but she did not even seem to recognize the building. She was crying so hard on Monday, I don't think that she even loked around. All of us and 2 other families toured this orphanage. No pictures allowed. It is so sad to see these children sitting at their tables. Their faces just light up when you walk into the room. This orphanage has several older children and that was hard to see.

We took our little princess to a dumpling restaurant and you can see these pictures over on picasaweb. She was so funny stuffing her mouth full. She actually played with me under the table kicking my leg and then laughing. She actually let me tickle her leg for a few short minutes. I will take every second that I can get. She gets so silly at night and her laugh is just precious. I forgot my cord to the video camara so I am unable to post any video...sorry! She does not have one of her front teeth. We have been told that she has never had a tooth there so not sure what that is all about. Hopefully the permanent tooth is there, if not we can get that fixed.

Thank you all for the prayers!!! They are working and she is slowly coming around...she still has moments where she reverts in to her shell but not as bad today...mostly when she gets tired. We have to put her in her stroller and she feels secure.

Good night from Tianjin.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Evenings with Sophie

My dear sweet friends I do not know what I would do without your words of encouragement. I want to fall to pieces but your words and prayers are keeping me strong. Sophie is a mess. She comes alive at night. She spent all day telling mama NO when I would look at her. She sat all day in the stroller except to get out at McDonalds. We went to eat Chinese with our guide, Angela, tonight and her personality came shining through. We got back to the room and she actually played and laughed. Still real hesitant with me but I keep my distance even when she is laughing...she can turn it off very quickly if I get too close. I find comfort in knowing that she does feel comfortable with Justin and starting to warm up to Ricky but I am jealous and scared about how things will go when we get home and Justin goes back to school.

I will go an visit the orphanage tomorrow. I am not taking Sophie. It breaks my heart that I am not able to take her back and let her nannies see her one more time but she has had such a horrible transition as far as I am concerned and I think she would just hate me that much more if I took her away again. I can't tell you for sure this is the right decision not to take her back but it is my gut feeling that her heart would just break in to pieces again. She seems to be doing well with Justin and some with Ricky...I just don't want her to regress. I can't stand to see her sad. I know that we have many more sad days ahead but I am hoping that the love that she will receive from us and everyone else will help her through the hurt.

Enjoy the pictures!! The laughter is short lived and only at night. We will take whatever we can get.

Not so happy today

Nuan Nuan woke up this morning and her ge ge was in the shower. She was not a happy girl!!!!! This has set the tone for the day. She does not want her mama to touch her, talk to her, or feed her!!!!!! I have come to the conclusion that she is very mad at anyone who claims to be her "mama" I am sure that she is angry at her "mama" aunties for forcing her to leave her place of comfort. I think that she realizes that we are not going to hurt her and she is very comfortable sitting in her stoller and has even had some spontaneous moments of happiness. We walked today and found a McDonald's she ate a few bites of Justin's cheeseburger, a few bites of a chicken nugget and of course french fries. She gave us a couple of smiles and played on the very small area with a toddler size slide. She seems to be more upset right after she wakes up in the morning and after waking up from a nap. We have to regain her trust everytime or should I say Ricky and I do. Justin may have to quit school and do homeschool!!!! She is not going to like him being gone all day!!!! Pray for continued progress and trust. All of the comments are so comforting and keeping me uplifted. I am having a hard time but I know that Nuan is having an even harder time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making progress

Tonight I was feeding Sophie noodles. I grabbed one that was hanging out of her mouth and she busted out laughing. We were in shock. Ricky took the pictures and did not zoom in so you get to see me and yes I have shorts on underneath my sleep shirt but the pictures are too priceless of her laughing so here they are

It's Official..She's ours!!

We went to the Civil Affairs Office and the Notary and signed all the paperwork that makes Sophie officially ours. She is still not happy with BaBa and MaMa. She will only let Justin pick her up. He had to pick her up stand her on the bench and then squat down so we could take the picture at the Civil Affairs Office. She cries whenever he has to go to the bathroom. She does not want him out of her sight!!! He is the only one who can push her in the stroller unless you go up behind him and take the stroller where she can't see. She is very determined and will shake her head no or yes....More no than yes!!!!!! We go to the police station today to pick up her passport. She has had an okay day as long as she can see her GeGe. She sits in her stroller most of the time while we are in the room. She doesn't want to get out of the stroller. What ever works!!!!