Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday Fun

Sunday afternoon we went over to Ricky's Aunt and Uncle's house to visit.  We took our friend Kameron with us.  The kids rode the 4 wheeler, Gator and had a great time. Sophie spent a lot of time picking up old pecans and even posed with Fizzle the pet goat.  It was a beautiful day!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

6 Months with Sophie! much has happened over the past six months!  Sophie is no longer that scared little girl that didn't know what was going on in her life.  She is confident, happy, silly, and such a joy!!  The journey has been very challenging and at times I thought "Oh my goodness, she is never going to like us"  She was a sick little girl.  She did not feel well and was scared these strange speaking people probably didn't know how to take care of her since we could not understand what she was saying to us.  

Well we did know how to take care of her.  She had her kidney removal surgery Dec 2 and she has been a completely different child since then.  Her English began to develop weekly and very rapidly.  We are amazed at her vocabulary.  I don't think there is anything that she doesn't understand in English.  She told me today that something was "dangerous".  She pointed to a statue in a restaurant one day this week and said "Mommy look....a cowboy".  She is working on learning her shapes, colors and numbers and doing a great job.  She loves school and gymnastics.  She loves to eat cherry tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, CANDY :( ......  ketchup, frenchy fries and chicken.  She still loves rice and noodles.  She loves for Justin to throw her on the bed and let her jump.  She loves to play soccer with Josh and anything else that he will do with her.  She also likes to argue with Josh!!!

Sophie completes our family and adds so much joy to our lives.  Sophie we love you so much!!!! 

Snow Flurries

We had snow flurries today (you have to look real close)!!!  This does not happen very often where we live.  The kids were funny chasing after the snowflakes.  Sophie was quite sure that she was going to be able to build a snowman!!!  Needless to say that did not happen!!!  Yes you are looking at the picture of my oldest son correctly.  He doesn't seem to get cold.  We think he has Eskimo blood running through his veins.  He is a nut!!!    They enjoyed running around and acting like it was really snowing!!!  It is too cold for me!! BRRRRR!