Sunday, February 24, 2008


Still waiting for homeland security to mail us our 171-H document. It has only been 2 weeks since our fingerprints but seems like months. It is just so hard knowing that we are matched with Sophie but we can't go and get her until everything is done and they tell us we can come and get her. I am trying very hard to rest in God's peace. He knows just exactly how and when she will become an official member of our family. She already has a special place in our hearts and we are looking so forward to the blessings this sweet little girl is going to bring to our lives.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


We drove to Birmingham to get our fingerprints done. We walked right in and we were finished within 20 minutes. I have had the flu this week so I was worried that I would not do well for the trip but I was able to sleep some on the way there and on the way back home after settling down from witnessing a wreck. We were traveling south bound on I-65 and a Nissan Sentra was traveling North bound. He started losing control of his car and traveled across the median swirling around between us and the car behind us. He landed in a ditch. My experienced and attentive "Trooper" husband immediately sped up to get us out of the way. We pulled over and backed down the side of the Interstate to check on the wreck and luckily the young man got out of his car and was walking around. His car never flipped which could have made for a very different outcome. Ricky checked on him and he seemed unharmed and I called the Trooper office to report the wreck. We are so thankful that no one was harmed today. The guy's car didn't look so good but that can be replaced...human lives cannot.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Good News!!!!

Our USCIS fingerprint appointment is next Saturday Feb 9!!! This is so crazy!!!! Everything is moving along so quickly. God has truly shown me mercy, confirmation and compassion from the very beginning of this adoption process. I am overwhelmed and thankful. This final process can take up to and over 90 days. You are not even able to contact them before your 90 period to check on your status. Our paperwork went through in 6 working days!!!!! God is in complete control of this adoption and I want to give him all the honor, glory, and praise!!! I have prayed for many years for God to give me confirmation and peace about adopting a little girl....I didn't know at the time where she was going to come from or how it was going to happen but I believe He knew exactly when and how is was going to happen. We are another step closer to bringing you home sweet girl!!!!!