Monday, January 28, 2008

President of Prince of Peace Foundation

Wow I am getting so much good news today!!! The above picture is Mr. Ken Yeung. He is the president and founder of Prince of Peace Rehabilitation Center in Tianjin, China. I have the website posted to the right of my blog where you can go and read about the center and Mr. Yeung. He is a wonderful christian man who has a compassionate heart for the orphans of China. I emailed him a few months ago to tell him that our daughter was at POP and to let him know how thankful we were that she is located there and how grateful we were for the website and monthly newsletters that they publish for the public to see. He has so graciously responded to me through several emails and just recently made a trip to China. I asked him if he would mind taking a small photo album of our family, a blanket and beanie baby to Sophie for us and he kindly agreed.

Homestudy approved by ICPC

YIPPEEEE!!!!!!! I opened my email today after work and received an email from our Social Worker....these are her exact words.....WOW! Your homestudy was approved by ICPC and forwarded to Atlanta on Jan 23, 2008. That is AMAZING....since they got the study on the 17th, that means they approved it in two working days (since the 21st was a holiday). That has never happened in the 8 years I have been doing this....

I can hardly sit here and type this post, I am so excited! I have jumped around a little bit, okay a lot.... called Ricky and thanked God for His gracious mercy. He knows I am not patient and He is being so sweet to move all of this right along! Thank you Lord!!! Okay I know that yall are saying what does this mean exactly. Well, ICPC is the State of Alabama office that has approved us to be adoptive parents under State law...USCIS is in Atlanta and this is "Homeland Security" We have to do fingerprints again with them and they will issue us approval for Sophie's visa to come into the United States and become a United States citizen. This is our last stage of the process and then it all goes together with ALL the other paperwork that we have done to China and this is called our Dossier. Once this gets to China is is reviewed by the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) to verify that all our paperwork is correct. The information from my adoption agency says "CCAA uses strict and specific guidelines to scrutinize your dossier documents". Yikes! I hope that every "T" is crossed and every "i" is dotted!! Then the CCAA will gives us travel approval (TA) and say come and get your precious little daughter!!!!! Well they won't really say it like that but I know that is what they mean to say!!!!!

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Your prayers and support means so much to us. We can't wait for everyone to meet our little sweetheart!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Home Study Completed!!!!!!

I got an email today from the social worker that Harrah's (our adoption agency) has finished the review of our Home Study....YEA!!!!! Our social worker will take it to Montgomery Thursday to be approved by the State of Alabama. Hopefully this will only take a couple of weeks and then the next hurdle is Homeland Security. We are one step closer!!! Hold on sweet baby, we are trying our hardest to bring you home!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Brothers--Joshua 9, Justin 13

Sophie with POP Director

Referral Picture

Referral Picture

This is Nuan Nuan's referral picture. We mailed our LOI for her on 10/20/2007. We received our PA from China 11/16/2007. We started our paperchase in October and boy what a chase it has been!!!! Isn't she precious!!!