Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy One-year Anniversary!!!

This was suppose to be a Before and After post but when you try to post at 2am in the morning, things don't always work out right.  So it is an After and Before post!!!

I want to again thank everyone who has been a part of Sophie's life through prayer, financial,
or  emotional support.  You all have made a difference in the life of this child.  Sophie knows that she was prayed for while she was in China and she likes to tell me "people prayed for me while I was in China so I could come home to my mommy"  "I missed you mommy"!!!  

Thank you friends and family!! I hope that you continue to be blessed by the life of this child!!! 

Your sweet friend and pool buddy Griffin
Front rollovers before the ballgame..over and over and over again!
There you go again!!
Justin's biggest fan!! Go Eagles!!!!
So proud of yourself riding your bike!!

Scared little girl Sept 1, 2008
My heart was melting and aching for you.  So relieved to have you in my arms!
Mommy and Daddy were scared and nervous too!!!
Thank goodness for these sunglasses!!!!!!!  You wore them almost the entire time while in China!!!

China and their orphans will always hold a special place in my heart.  We had a wonderful experience and met some incredible people along the way.  The Peak family will return one day to continue to follow what God has put in our heart concerning China.  I wish I could adopt them all!!!!!  But we are so thankful and blessed to have experienced adoption and becoming Sophie's family!!!!!  Sweet girl, we love you so much!!!!!