Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Loving Sophie!!!!

Who is this little girl that has changed so much in just a years time????  She is sweet, silly, sassy,  and so in love with her family!!!!!  I am becoming very emotional (this is no surprise to those who know me well!!!) as we approach our one year anniversary of receiving Sophie into our family as our daughter/sister.  As I think about this time last year,  it overwhelms me to see how far we have come over the past year.  Sophie has been through a lot in her little short life and  my prayer is that she can put the past behind her and move forward with great confidence into the future.  She will always have physical scars to remind her of her time in China but my hope is that she will not have any emotional scars due to her circumstances.   I can't even describe to you how my heart hurts for a mama 8000 miles away that didn't feel like she had any other choice.  Oh how I wish I could tell her that her baby is alive and well...... loving life and being loved!!!!!  I wish that I could tell her that she loves to swing, swim underwater like a fish,  kick a soccer ball, dance and sing.  She loves to eat almost anything that you give her and can wash her hair all by herself!!!!!!  Sophie, your birth mother loved you so much that she made sure that you were in a safe place and she knew that we were waiting anxiously to come and get you.  I love you so is indescribable!!!!!!!


Tonja said...

Oh, how wonderful our lives are when we let God lead us. And, just look where He lead you! I so remember that little, scared, clinging girl who came to school for the first time. Holding tightly to her bag of treats and staying close to your side. She checked us all out, and I wonder what she thought as she looked at all us crazy grown-ups doing everything we could to just make her smile! But, she did smile...when her heart was at peace. When she felt secure with her Mama and Daddy and brothers. When she KNEW she was AT HOME. When her little soul could rest and just 'be'. When she could put the unhappiness behind her, and feel safe in the fact that for evermore, she had a family who wanted only 'good' for her. Then she could let friends in...and then she could begin to live her life...the life God had planned for her all along.

I am so proud of you, Sherrie. I have seen you change from a scared 'new Mama with a baby who couldn't even understand you'...into a confident, assured Mother. Your confidence is what she needed. And, once you were confident and certain that all would be well...eventually...she could feel that and grow from that.

This is way too long...but I love you, and am amazed at the beautiful life ahead of sweet Sophie. You will face whatever comes her way, and help her to find her way...with your help and with God's help. How exciting to look ahead!


jody said...

The physical scares that Sophie carries is a gift the God has given her. Why? I do not know except that it is a gift, perhaps for compassion, strength, love, kindness, gentleness. Our girls have all had an incredible start to their lives...I know that God has a special plan for each of them. What a privilege God has given us to be a part of the journey. I am so happy I get to share in Sophie's too!

Anonymous said...

mrs. sherrie,

she has changed soo much since china!! i was soo glad that she remembered me from china! that made me feel so special!! i love her soo much! tell everyone i say hey! i cant wait to see yall in october!! im already counted down the days!
xoxoxo, gracie :) <3

andi said...

I love the shirt. You all are doing a great job! i love seeing her LOVE life. What a beautiful story...