Friday, July 17, 2009

Sophie's first Birthday Party

Sophie's birthday is July 24th.  We are going to be out of town so we had her party early.  It was such a joy to see how excited and special she felt.  We are blessed to have such a very talented friend , aka Nai Nai, who opened up her home for the party.   Nai Nai made her cakes and had more patience than I would have had in letting Sophie help decorate.  She got to place the edible pearls on the princess's dress. 

Two sweet girls came and painted the girls fingernails and toenails.  They did makeup and hair also.  Lots of glittery stuff!!!

It was a wonderful, fun day!!!  Thanks to all the special friends that were able to attend and help celebrate this special "1st" birthday with Sophie!


Nai Nai said...

I Loved everymintue of it!!! Happy Birthday Princess!!!!

jody said...

WOW! What a party!!!!!!!

Tonja said...

Hi Sweet Sophie,
I just saw the pictures of your party! Did you have fun? Well, I think you look just like a real princess! Really!

I'm glad you had a birthday and a party and friends and all the other good stuff!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Mrs.Owens

PS...I hope you did some singing at your party, too!

Deandra said...

Sherri & Sophie,
What a very sweet, cute, and adorable party it was. Thank you so much for inviting me. It was a lovely princess party for a very special princess.

Anonymous said...

Nuan Nuan has come a long way . . . . so fun to see her sweet smiles! Happy Birthday!

Bonnie :-)

andi said...

Get out!!! I am crying! She is our little Princess. Thank you sweet Jesus for this little one! She has touched our hearts!

The growing Carpenters said...

Hi, I just found your blog when I was searching for POPCH. Our daughter is currently there. I have been in touch with Jodi. In fact, our daughter is on your blog... in one of the pictures from Jodi. I was wondering if you had any more pictures from your trip over. Did you get to visit POPCH?